Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion

Workshop Content and Value

Aboriginal History

  • The make-up of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.
  • The historical roots of Aboriginal exclusion by reviewing actions that occurred through cultural, social, economic and political exclusionary practices.
  • Aboriginal individuals who have made a lasting contribution to Canadian history and life.
  • The importance of Aboriginal history as a stronger foundation towards achieving increased success in developing community relations and partnerships that increase your ability to implement effective recruitment and retention strategies and overall workplace readiness.

Cross –Cultural Communication

  • Challenges of communicating across cultures and identify the strategies that can bridge the communication divide.
  • Common misperceptions of Aboriginal communication and learning strategies to develop clear and positive communication approaches.

Business Case for Aboriginal Inclusion

  • Business case for Aboriginal inclusion and the Inclusion Continuum – our seven stage employers’ roadmap to inclusion.
  • Importance of leadership and agents of change in the context of Aboriginal inclusion.
  • Corporate social responsibility can contribute to Aboriginal inclusion.

Recruitment, Retention and Advancement

  • Business case for Aboriginal recruitment and retention.
  • Historic, geographic, cultural and educational obstacles that often play a role to hinder recruitment and retention activities and develop new solutions to overcome these issues.
  • Specific steps that can be taken to successfully recruit Aboriginal candidates.
  • Refine new and existing recruitment, retention and advancement strategies to meet the inclusion and business goals of your workplace.
  • Introduction to a collection of promising practices from Canadian workplaces.